My first Thailand adventure was a short stopover on a backpacking trip around Asia in the early 80’s.

A longer stay on the way home introduced me to Bangkok, flaming hot chilli, long necks of Singha beer, overnight train trips to the north and the pungent aroma of fermenting anchovy at Rayong in the east.

A visit five years later piqued my interest in Thai cuisine and Thai street food in particular. Som Tam with baby freshwater crabs, Miang kam and the myriad of local sausages.The exotic eastern culture and the friendliness of it’s people always drawing me to experience more.

As a chef operating my own restaurant and cooking French inspired food for more than 25 years, I found Thai food exciting, fresh, sometimes simple and at other times showing great complexity. It can be challenging and often exhilarating.

As time went by my wife and I started studying Thai language with a tutor from the Australian National University. On return trips to Thailand we started to explore more deeply. It’s amazing how so little knowledge of a language can open doors in this regard. We often dreamed of one day changing our restaurant and perhaps serving Thai food, even becoming a Thai restaurant.

And then, on a trip to Europe visiting family, that special moment came. I was sitting in a Parisian bistro enjoying a glass of wine all the time wishing I was sitting on the banks of the Chao Praya river in Bangkok sipping on a cold beer.

I had to make a change.

Thirst wine bar was born. www.thirstwinebar.com.au A place where we can explore our passion for wine and thai cuisine and food. Especially it’s street food. We wanted to capture the essence of thai street stalls and restaurants.Places where you can enjoy just about whatever you want at any time. A snack, a cool refreshing drink, or a full meal. Good food in a casual relaxed atmosphere.

Thirst for Thai is an extension of this passion. A collection of our travels and emersion in thai food.